Our web application developers work closely with other software engineering teams, UX/UI designers, Data Analytics teams, and product managers to create well-designed websites and applications that are user-friendly, scale globally and perform well on all devices. Using failover mechanisms, metrics and logging for accurate documentation, our full-stack developers ensure the sites are fast and reliable, taking into consideration our global reach.

We write well-designed, testable, efficient code on client and server side by using best software development practices and patters, leveraging the latest web standards in HTML/CSS and JavaScript, and integrating data from our back-end services and databases. Our tasks include writing and managing code, building new features, troubleshooting, performance tuning, monitoring updates, checking for security threats, and providing end user support. The team also handles project management tasks that arise while building new web applications.


The Native team consists of Android and iOS specialists who work to create user-friendly and visually appealing applications for smartphones and tablets. We create, maintain, test and implement the source code to develop mobile applications and mobile platform programs. Our tasks also include producing coding solutions, contributing to technical and design documentation, estimating tasks, and managing bugs and other technical issues.

QA & Testing

The Quality Assurance (QA) team is responsible for assessing our services and products to ensure that the highest quality standards are met. Working closely with developers, testers, and other stakeholders, the QA team proactively addresses issues and potential bugs within an application during the development cycles. We check on the software’s UI, stability issues, and bug fixes, signing off on the quality, efficacy, and performance of a software release every few weeks.

Testing is a central responsibility of the QA team. We lead, develop, implement and manage test plans, including creating test designs, processes, cases and test-product documentation, while ensuring that all testing is carried out as per defined standards and procedures. Our team ensures both quality assistance and quality assurance, establishing automated safety nets to give teams the confidence to safely push changes to production, therefore unlocking frictionless releases.


Our DevOps team includes developers and IT operations experts working collaboratively throughout the product lifecycle, with the aim of increasing the speed and quality of software deployment. The team uses the programming languages of Python, GoLang, Ruby, Java, Bash/Shell and Node.js. We work to merge daily tasks, quality control, integration, testing, deployment and monitoring of software development into a single, continuous set of processes in order to improve our IT and software team productivity.


Working server-side, our backend team creates the web services and APIs used by our frontend and mobile app developers. Our engineers develop in-house backend services (APIs, real-time processing engines and UI tools) using core technologies (Java and Spring framework), together with databases (Relational and NoSQL), messaging (Kafka) and CI/CD pipelines for deployments in Kubernetes platform.

The team creates innovative software solutions with best quality standards, and maintains and improves existing application services, regularly adding new features. Our backend engineers also work to develop and improve services for processing bet placement, cashout and settlement, including providing traders’ tools supporting the monitoring and managing of bets and risk.


The IT Security team deters, defends, detects and defeats cybersecurity attacks against our IT infrastructure, protecting our customers, our data, our infrastructure, our employees and our third-party providers from possible compromises. We are a CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team), and our approach is to use the CERT methodology. Our purpose is to protect our users and our users’ data in order to provide a secure and safe environment for everybody using our services.

Infrastructure and IT Operations

The IT Operations team consists of front-line engineers who architecturally design, implement and support BVGroup’s global multi-datacentre and multi-cloud customer and corporate-facing infrastructure, including a high-performance, fully automated, software-defined global networking infrastructure. This allows BVGroup to offer its customers an around-the-clock highly performant and resilient website for all its betting brands.