Staying in control is what Safer Gambling is all about, and we have a range of Safer Gambling tools available to help players do just that. From choosing their own deposit limits and setting time reminders, to taking a time out when needed and having the option to self-exclude for up to 5 years, we are committed to ensuring our customers are supported and protected at all times while they gamble.

Sentinel is our in-house player protection engine, offering automated messaging and risk assessment. This back-office tool is an integral part of our commitment to Safer Gambling.

As a licensed bookmaker, we need to know enough about our customers to ensure that they can gamble with us, from both a legal and financial standpoint. We verify our customers’ identity and age and also ask for information about their earnings. Our vetting process includes running in-depth affordability checks on all our customers to ensure they can never gamble more than they can afford.

Our expertly trained team of Safer Gambling professionals offers 24/7 support. We also have our own in-house automated player protection engine, which alerts us to any spending or behaviour that is out of the ordinary. This helps us to identify any customer who might be at risk and check if they need support.

Our promotions and marketing communications are designed with the customer in mind, with great importance placed on what effect it might have on customers’ gambling behaviour. We ensure transparency in all our promotional material, guaranteeing clear and honest communication for our customers.

With our range of Safer Gambling tools and extensive player protection measures, our customers can enjoy their gambling in the safest and most supportive environment possible.