Data Science

The Data Science team helps the business get value from a vast amount of data by building models and tools and running significant research projects to answer complex and challenging questions. This is done via modern solutions, both in terms of data infrastructure and modelling techniques.

All team members strive to improve their skills constantly – from meeting to discuss mathematical programming and other topics related to their careers, to participating in out-of-work competitions like Datathons. Being part of the team gives employees the freedom to experiment and practice the latest trends in Data Science and Machine Learning.


In addition to the usual reporting and analytical services of a Business Intelligence function to deliver insight, trends and alerting on customers, products and operations, here at BVGroup, we integrate directly into the product, enhancing detection and mitigation of risk, automating operational tasks and segmenting customers for marketing and personalisation.

Our Analytics team works alongside academia, employing state of the art machine learning algorithms, data pipelines and MLOps best practices. We collect, process and output in real time for Safer Gambling and Sportsbook risk. Customers are migrated through payment packages in a fully automated and AB test supported system. Analytics reaches into every area of the business, supporting new markets through a highly scalable architecture and a lean yet stable and synergistic team structure.