Bonus Engine

Offer relevant bonuses across sports and casino to boost acquisition and retention.

Flexible bonus mechanics, delivery mechanisms and qualifying criteria, ensuring you are able to deliver rewards that work for your players and your business.

With a tried and tested referral program, turn your players into a valuable acquisition channel with incentives that are win-win.

Marketing Engine

With granular segmentation capabilities and automated campaigns, reach your customers at moments that matter with the right message at the right time:

  • In-session messaging to deliver real-time comms
  • Out of session capabilities to bring customers back
  • Across any channel
  • Combing messages with promotions that resonate

Player Management System

Review player accounts with all relevant information in one place to understand what is happening to the player.

Make decisions and changes to the account, remove restrictions and add notes. All fully auditable and compliant with the evolving needs of regulators across the world.