Infrastructure Layer

Global distribution capabilities to deliver entertaining experiences to players that they can trust.

From on-premise hosting to cloud solutions, security, speed and resilience is baked into the architecture and infrastructure solutions.


Includes an internal pricing engine, along with ingestion of sports data feeds from all major suppliers and a simple extension to integrate new data providers.

Our sportsbook is highly performant with a packed sporting calendar and a depth of markets available.

Customer Data Platform

Our CDP is clean and complete ready to be analysed out of the box. The data is holistic, with data from payments, betting transactions, behavioural metrics, product preferences and much more. This allows us to deeply understand our players.

Risk Management System

Automatable and configurable systems to manage all risks related to player management. From flagging suspicious bets to deposits that look strange, our RMS protects players and the business feeding into BV:Portal to alert operators or intervene automatically.

Affiliate Management System

We work with a trusted partner to provide a customisable affiliate platform to boost player acquisition.

This enables the creation of bespoke deals and creative for individual affiliates, enabling them to offer targeted promotions to their audience.

Payment Management System

As a large-scale, multi-jurisdictional operator, we offer a wide range of payment options with back-up options in place. From cards and bank transfers to crypto, we will always have the preferred option for players.